Restaurant history

Italian flavours permeate our cuisine, recalling traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. Fresh, handmade pasta, rich sauces with sun-ripened tomatoes and delicious, crispy pizzas are a must at our table. Every bite is a journey to Italy, a tribute to our roots and the culinary passion that drives us.

Our cuisine is a symbol of the union between our two countries, a gastronomic bridge between France and Italy. It tells the story of Italian migration to Haute-Savoie, of the men and women who brought with them their culinary traditions and integrated them harmoniously into local life.

Our restaurant project started in 2017, it’s a great family adventure that brings us together around the same passion.

Avocat Maulaz-Cruz Mermy Family

Assiette de ravioles fraiches à la tomate
Remplissage des raviolis à l'aide d'une poche

The Kitchen

A chef trained in Italy

Romane is leading the way in the kitchen!
This chef began her apprenticeship making fresh pasta with a Pastaio artisan in Piedmont, the Zardi family, who are renowned for their expertise and love of the trade.

She then trained at a cookery school in Brescia, Italy, which gave her a more global approach to Italian cuisine by teaching her to cook fresh pasta, and other specialities such as Focaccia and finally pizzas.